Malaysia for me is...

Significant contribution to the research has been production and release of the documentary “Malaysia for me is …”, a cooperative work of AFRASO and Melanie Gärtner. The film has brought up important research questions such as “push&pull” factors for African students to choose Malaysia as their study destination; advantages and disadvantages of the higher education system in Malaysia; recruitment as well as promotion strategies of the government and Malaysian universities to attract African students to the country.

Melanie Gärtner and Alexandra Samokhvalova during their visit and filming at International Islamic University Malaysia, January 2016.


Melanie Gärtner is filming two students from Namibia during a game of chess at their apartment in Tanjung Malim. Malaysia, January 2016. Photo by Alexandra Samokhvalova

Promotion of universities on banners along a highway in Kuala Lumpur area. Photo by Alexandra Samokhvalova

Visiting of a private higher education fair at Kuala Lumpur Convention Center, January 2016. Photo by Alexandra Samokhvalova

Interviews during field trip to Malaysia, January 2016. Alexandra Samokhvalova meets with Presidents of the African Students Association Malaysia and the Comorian Student Union in Malaysia on campus of International Islamic University Malaysia.