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Darlington Ashamole is an African Expert who has expertise in Resource Conflict, Oil politics, Masculinity and youth Studies. He has MA in Politics (Spec. International Development and Identity Politics) from Department of Politics and International Relations, J.W.Goethe-University Frankfurt am Main Germany. In 2013 he acquired a PhD in conflict studies from Department of Politics, University of Sheffield United Kingdom. His PhD-thesis "The Politics of Oil and Mascculinity: Youth politics and Intergenerational Conflict in the Niger Delta" provides new explanation to the Youth Violence in the Nigerian Delta.

Darlington has these Research Interests:

Resource/Oil politics, Resource Conflict, Liberation Politics, Intergenerational Conflict, Gender/Masculinity Politics, Youth Issues, The Politics of the United Nations, Ethnic Politics and Conflict, Develoment Issues.He welcomes any research collaboration in these areas.

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Political and International Relations

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Oil exploitation and Ethnic Politics in Nigeria

 Political Actors or Instrument of Politics: African Youths, Nationalism and the Post-colonial Politics of Alienation – A Nigerian Case Study

Petro-States and the Petrolization of Politics - A Nigerian Example (Under Peer-review)

The Problems of African Model of Masculinity (In progress)