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Yonson Ahn (PhD, University of Warwick, 2000) is a professor and chair of Korean Studies at Goethe University of Frankfurt. Her research interests include gender and migration; Korean diasporas; gender-based violence in conflicts; and historical controversies in East Asia. Yonson Ahn, Professor Dr. (PhD, Warwick University, Grossbritannien, 2000), vertritt gegenwärtig als Direktorin die Studienrichtung Koreastudien an der Goethe Universität Frankfurt/Main. Ihre Forschungsgebiete sind: Geschlechterforschung und Migration; koreanische Diaspora in internationaler Perspektive; geschlechterbasierte Gewalt in Konflikten; historische Kontroversen in Ostasien.

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Deputy Director, Interdisciplinary Centre of East Asian Studies (IZO)

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Korean Studies

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Senckenberganlage 31

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Frankfurt am Main




+49 (0)69 798- 23769

AFRASO Publications: 

Ahn, Yonson ; 2017 ; Together and Apart: Transnational Feminist Activism and Solidarity in Asia ; Asian Feminisms and Transnational Activism ; Pilwha Chang et.al. ; Seoul: Ewha Womans University Press

Talks / Lectures: 

Yonson Ahn ; 2015 ; “Family making project” by the state: Marriage migrants of Asian women in South Korea ; The 27th AKSE Conference
 (the Association for Korean Studies in Europe) ; Bochum, Germany
Yonson Ahn ; 2016 ; ’Butterfly of Hope’ and ‘Seed of Hope’: Transregional women’s activism against sexual violence in conflict between DRC and ROK ; AFRASO Conference: African-Asian Encounters (III) ; Goethe University Frankfurt
Yonson Ahn ; 2014 ; Welfare State for Multicultural Families?: The South Korean Government’s Policy for a Multicultural Society ; The Making of a Global Economic Player?: Korea in Comparative Perspective Conference ; Central European University, Budapest, (Hungary)
Yonson Ahn ; 2016 ; Transnational Nurse Migration and Global Care Chain: Korean “Guestworkers” in Germany ; Ludwig-Maxmillans University München
Yonson Ahn ; 2015 ; Sexual scripts/instituting of sexual violence in conflict ; Workshop “’Against our Will’. Forty Years after: Exploring the Field of Sexual Violence in Armed Conflict” ; Hamburg Institute for Social Research, Hamburg (Germany)
Yonson Ahn ; 2016 ; Searching for Gender Justice for Comfort Women ; University of Cape Town, South Africa
Yonson Ahn ; 2016 ; Return Visits in Migration Trajectories: From “Home” Visits to Tourism ; KF Global E-School in Eurasia Conference „Global Cities and Urban Studies: Korea in Comparative Perspective ; Central European University, Budapest, Hungary
Yonson Ahn ; 2014 ; Reflection on Transnational Feminisms ; EGEP 2014 Open Forum “A Better World Women Create: Feminist Activisms in Asia and Africa” ; Seoul (Korea)
Yonson Ahn ; 2015 ; Nurses in motion: Korean migrant nurses in Germany ; Korea's challenges ahead: The Korean Peninsula issues in the world ; Bucharest, Rumania
Yonson Ahn ; 2013 ; Negotiating and Reconstructing Gender Identities: Marriage Migrant Women from Asia in the ROK ; Dynamic Korea in a Transforming Asia: Opportunities and Challenges for South Korean Development ; Asia Research Centre, Copenhagen Business School (Denmark)
Yonson Ahn, Mi-Jeong Jo ; 2017 ; Migrant Network and Ethnic Community in “Homeland”: The Case of Koryo- Saram in Gwangju, South Korea” ; International Workshop Home and Away: Transnational Migration, Remittance and Homeland, Korea ; Goethe University Frankfurt
Yonson Ahn ; 2017 ; Marriage Migration and State Multiculturalism in South Korea ; Workshop Comparing Migration Management, International Law and Identity in East Asia ; Graduate School of East Asian Studies (GEAS), Freie Universität Berlin
Yonson Ahn ; 2016 ; Korean Migrants in the Rainbow State: Transnational links and practices” ; Stellenbosch University, South Africa
Yonson Ahn ; 2017 ; Korean Im/migrants in South Africa: Transnational Links and Practices ; Biennial Conference of the Korean Studies Association of Australasia ; University of Technology Sydney Business School, Sydney
Yonson Ahn ; 2015 ; Intimacy and Contempt: WWII Comfort Women and Japanese Soldiers ; University of Cape Town, South Africa
Yonson Ahn ; 2016 ; Diasporic mobilities : ‘Home’ visit of Korean nurse ‘guestworkers’ in Germany ; International Conference, Korean Diaspora – Chances and Challenges ; Göttingen
Yonson Ahn, Ruixin Wei ; 2017 ; Cultural Capital, Education and Social Mobility: A Case Study of Korean Chinese Children in Transnational Families ; ), International Workshop Home and Away: Transnational Migration, Remittance and Homeland, Korea ; Goethe University Frankfurt
Yonson Ahn ; 2017 ; Consolidating Frankfurt Korean Studies Through Teaching and Research on Identity and Transnational Mobility in and out of Korea ; Workshop for Core Korean Studies Projects ; Eberhard-Karls-Universität Tübingen



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