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John Njenga

John Njenga Karugia researches on political and economic interactions between Asia and Africa. He has researched intensively on Chinese migration to Africa and African migration to China. His current research focuses on the Indian Ocean.

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Centre for Interdisciplinary African Studies / Institute for England and American Studies / The Frankfurt Memory Studies Platform

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Goethe Frankfurt University

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Juridicum, Postfach 21 Senckenberganlage 31

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Frankfurt am Main




+49 (0)69 798-25405

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Talks / Lectures: 

John Njenga Karugia ; 2017 ; Afrasian Cosmopolitanism: Identity, Memory, Literature ; Forschungskolloquium: „Transculturalty in the Anglophone World“ ; Institut für England und Amerikastudien, Goethe Universität Frankfurt
Karugia, John Njenga ; 2016 ; Afrasia: Justice and Ethics Within a Multidirectional Mnemoeconomics Framework ; S4-B: The Indian Ocean as Memory Space, S4-A: Indian Ocean Imaginaries in East African Literature and Oral Culture ; Inhabiting the Corridor: the Implications of Surging Resource Economies on Urban Life in East Africa ; Department of Socio-Cultural Diversity, Max Planck Institute for the Study of Religious and Ethnic Diversity, University of Göttingen, Göttingen, Germany
John Njenga Karugia ; 2017 ; Afrasia and its Beyond: Responsible Geographies of Planetary Memory ; International Workshop: Africa in the Making of Modernity: Reconsidering the Black Atlantic ; Universität München
Karugia, John Njenga ; 2014 ; „China in Afrika – Chancen, Herausforderungen, Perspektiven ; S4-A: Indian Ocean Imaginaries in East African Literature and Oral Culture, S4-B: The Indian Ocean as Memory Space ; GRASSI-Gespräche ; Leipzig, Germany



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