Overview of AFRASO subprojects – please click on title for more information 





Platform I: Materiality and Institutionalization

P1-A: Matters for crises: Asian enterprises in the mining sector of Africa



P1-B: Afrasian higher education cooperation: between nation branding and university marketing


P1-C: Contesting Solidarity: Civil Society Perspectives on African-Chinese Relations


P1-D: Trade Networks and African Entrepreneurship in Asia



P1-E: Japanese management techniques and African-Asian entrepreneurship

Prof. Runge





Prof. Graf, A. Samokhvalova, Dr. Thubauville



Prof. Ruppert, Dr. Mageza-Barthel




Prof. Diawara, Prof. Röschenthaler




Prof. Storz, Dr. Ramachandran, Dr. Achenbach

Physical Geography




Southeast Asian Studies, Social Anthropology



 Political Science





Social Anthropology





Economics, Japanology

Cameroon, Central African Republic



Ethiopia, Malaysia, India, The Philippines


China, South Africa




China, Indonesia, Cameroon, Mali, Thailand



Ethiopia, Japan, Zambia



Platform II: Imagination and Discursivity

P2-A: Indian Ocean Imaginaries and Memories in Transregional Afrasian Spaces



P2-B: Confucius Institutes and transregional spaces of education


P2-C: East African Regionalism: The EAC’s external spaces of interaction with Asian partners


P2-D: Transnational Mobility and Belonging: Korean Migrants in South Africa


P2-E: Imagining capitalism in transregional fraud schemes

Prof.Erll, Prof. Schulze-Engler, Dr. Karugia





Prof. Wippermann, Dr. Hartig


Prof. Boeckler, Dr. Bachmann





Prof. Ahn





 Prof. Schulze-Engler, Dr. Beek

English Studies











Human Geography





Korean Studies





 English Studies

Ghana, India, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, South Africa




China, South Africa



Kenya, Tanzania





South Korea, South Africa




China, Ghana, India, Kenya