AFRASO Lecture by Pádraig Carmody (Trinity College Dublin): "Theorising and Researching South Space"

24. May 2018
Campus Westend, Seminarhaus, SH 0.107

We are delighted to invite you to the upcoming AFRASO Lecture: "Theorising and Researching South Space" by Pádraig Carmody (Trinity College Dublin). The lecture will take place on May, 24th in room SH 0.107 (Seminarhaus, Campus Westend) from 4 pm - 6 pm.


The balance of power in international relations and eco nomics is shifting geographically with the rise of Asia, and China in particular. This is giving ris e to new trade and investment patterns, institutions, political practices and regionalise d imaginaries. “ South Space ” is an emergent regionalised imaginary defined by post-coloniality, i ntensifying flows of trade and investment and the development of new institutions, such as the BRICS ’ New Development Bank. How should we conceptualise the nature and impacts of t his phenomenon and how might this inform how we conduct research on transformatio ns in the Global South.

Bio Note:

Pádraig Carmody lectures in Development Geography at Trinity College Dublin where he is also the chair of the Masters in Development Practice. His research centres on the political economy of globalization in Africa and South-South relations more generally. He also worked as a policy and research analyst for the Combat Poverty Agency in 2002-3 and has consulted for the Office of the President of South Africa, amongst others. His recent books include The New Scramble for Africa (Polity Press, 2016), Africa's Information Revolution: Technical Regimes and Production Networks in South Africa and Tanzania (with JT Murphy, Wiley-Blackwell, 2015) and The Rise of the BRICS in Africa: The Geopolitics of South-South Relations (Zed Books, 2013).