AFRASO Ringvorlesung: Neue Chancen durch neue Interaktionen?

21. May 2013
Hörsaal II, Hörsaalgebäude Mertonstr. 17-21, Campus Bockenheim

China's Economic Cooperation and its role for economic transition in Africa

China's trade, investment and aid contribute to economic transition in Africa and create new opportunities for promoting growth and reducing poverty. Realising this potential will depend on China drawing lessons from its own successful record of economic growth and poverty reduction, including the development of the agricultural sector and of the rural areas, of infrastructure and the creation of an attractive environment for businesses to flourish and to create jobs.

What has been the impact of China's expanding economic engagement on economic transition in Africa? What have been the main experiences and lessons learnt during China's recent period of growth and poverty reduction? What conditions need to be in place for China's experience to be replicable in other developing countries, especially in Africa?


  • Prof. Dr. LI Xiaoyun, Director China-DAC Study Group, Dean China Agricultural University, Beijing,
  • Prof. Dr. Doris Fischer, Lehrstuhl China Business and Economics, Universität Würzburg

Chair: Bruno Wenn, SID, Sprecher der Geschäftsführung der Deutschen Entwicklungs- und Investitionsgesellschaft mbH (DEG), Köln