Keynote Lecture by Homi K. Bhabha (Harvard University), 28 September

28. September 2016
Uni Campus Westend, Casino, Room CAS 823

The collaborative research project „Africa’s Asian Options“ (AFRASO) cordially invites all members of Goethe University to attend the Keynote Lecture by Prof. Homi K. Bhabha (Harvard University) that will open the AFRASO Conference „Afrasian Transformations: Beyond Grand Narratives?“ to be held at Goethe University from September 28-30.

Homi K. Bhabha is the Anne F. Rothenberg Professor of English and American Literature and Language, and the Director of the Mahindra Humanities Center at Harvard University. He is one of the most influential theorists worldwide in literary and cultural studies and a major proponent of contemporary Postcolonial Studies. His writings on concepts such as hybridity, liminality or the Third Space have been widely acknowledged in the humanities and beyond. He is the recipient of numerous academic awards and prizes and was awarded a Humboldt Research Prize in 2016.

Homi Bhabha’s Keynote Lecture on “Intimations of the Afterlife: On Migration, Memory and the Dialectics of Translation“ will focus on key issues of transregional research in the humanities today. The Keynote Lecture will be delivered in the “Festsaal” (CAS 823) in the Casino Building on the Goethe University Westend Campus on Wednesday, 28 September, at 9.30 a.m. The lecture is open to the university public. In order not to disturb the official opening of the AFRASO Conference, all guests are advised to be in Room CAS 823 at 9 a.m. at the latest.

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