P1-D: Trade Networks and African Entrepreneurship in Asia

The project‘s objective is to examine the trade networks between Africa and Asia with a focus on the economic ventures of Africans in Asia, in particular of traders and entrepreneurs from Mali, Cameroon, and Nigeria in the Asian countries of Malaysia, China, Thailand, and Vietnam. It investigates the way in which African and Asian traders cooperate and negotiate as well as the effect of this cooperation and the import and export of products on the Asian and African markets, consumers, and social practices related to them. The focus on the cultural and economic repercussions of trade, as it is perceived from the local actors’ point of view, provides a specifically anthropological perspective on the organization of trade networks, the development of entrepreneurial strategies, and the establishment of African diasporic communities in Asian countries. The comparative analysis of the characteristics of their activities are reflected in the political, economic, and legal frameworks in which African traders operate in the different Asian countries.

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