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Principal Investigators



Key Area 1: Markets on the Move

S1-A: Parastatal Companies and Capitalist Development: The Interaction of South African and Chinese Enterprises in the Services Sector

Prof. Nölke

Political Science

South Africa, China

S1-B: »Landed Markets«: Commodification, Mobilization and Deterritorialization of Land in the Context of Asian Investment in African Land Markets

Prof. Boeckler,
Prof. Diawara

Human Geography, Social Anthropology

Madagascar, Benin, Mali, Japan, The Philippines

S1-C: African, Asian and International Actors in the Central African Mining Sector (Cameroon & Central Africa Republic)

Prof. Runge

Physical Geography

Cameroon, Central African Republic

S1-D: Postcolonial Governmentality, Subjectivation and Agency: Translation and (Re)Formulation of the Bangladeshi Idea of Microfinance in Africa

Prof. Ruppert

Political Science

Tanzania, Kenya Bangladesh

Key Area 2: Transnational Civic Networks

S2-A: Trade Networks and Migration Between Africa and Asia

Prof. Diawara,
Prof. Röschenthaler

Social Anthropology, Southeast Asian Studies

Cameroon, Mali, South Africa, China, Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia

S2-B: African-Asian Migration and Development

Prof. Klump


Vietnam, South Africa

S2-C: New Approaches to Transnational Gender Politics: Chinese-African Collaboration

Prof. Ruppert

Political Science

Ethiopia, Kenya, China

S2-D: Migration of African Students to Malaysia

Prof. Graf

Southeast Asian Studies


S2-E: South-South Cooperation in Higher Education:Migration of Indian University Lectures to Ethiopia

Dr. Thubauville

Social Anthropology

Ethiopia, India

S2-F: Chinese Medicine in Africa

Prof. Diawara

Social Anthropology

Mali, South Africa

Key Area 3: Culture as Mode of Development Policies

S3-A: Chinese Cultural Policies and Confucius Institutes in Africa

Prof. Wippermann


Ethiopia, Cameroon, South Africa, China

S3-B: China’s Influence on the Perception of Good Governance, Development, and International Cooperation in Africa

Prof. Holbig

Political Science

Nigeria, South Africa, China

S3-C: New Approaches to Negotiating Development: South Korean-African Interactions

Prof. Ruppert

Korean Studies, Political Science

Ethiopia, Kenya, South Korea

S3-D: Japanese Management Techniques and Firm Level Effects on Productivity: Evidence from Africa

Prof. Storz


South Africa, Japan

S3-E: Asian Development Assistance in Senegambia

Dr. Jaimovich


Senegal, The Gambia

S3-F: African Ownership: More Than Cheap Talk? Japan‘s Foreign Aid Approach in Zambia

Prof. Storz

Economics, Political Science


Key Area 4: Transregional Constructions of Space

S4-A: Indian Ocean Imaginaries in East African Literature and Oral Culture

Prof. Schulze-Engler

African Studies, English Studies, Human Geography

Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Indian Ocean, Diego Garcia

S4-B: The Indian Ocean as Memory Space

Prof. Erll

English Studies

South Africa, India, Indian Ocean

S4-C: African-Asian Interactions in Cyberspace. Transregional Scamming

Prof. Schulze-Engler

English Studies,

Social Anthropology

Ghana, Kenya, India

S4-D: Post-Terrestrial Area Studies? The Indian Ocean, Translocal Histories and Maritime Constructions of Space

Prof. Boeckler, Prof. Erll,
Prof. Schulze-Engler

English Studies, Human Geography

Indian Ocean, La Reunion