S1-D: Postcolonial Governmentality, Subjectivation and Agency: Translation and (Re)formulation of the Bangladeshi Idea of Microfinance in Africa.

The research project analyses the evolvement of microfinance-programs in Bangladesh and their transformation in Tanzania and Kenya. The focus is on subject-constitution and agency of women in the context of transnational discourses of development politics and global political and economic settings. The following research questions will be addressed: How are agency and subjectivity negotiated in the context of microfinance-programs in Tanzania, Kenya and Bangladesh? Which actors influence this process in what ways? What power structures and discourses do transnational norms confront in regional contexts? The analysis of the negotiation of power structures, constellations of agents and interests in local, national and transnational contexts will demonstrate the impact of market-oriented programs on community processes and would empirically contribute to the issue of ‚Markest  on the Move’.

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