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Diana holds a Magistra Artium in Political Science, Sociology and Ethnology and has a special interest on different perspectives on culture and development. She did several research stays in Malawi, Tanzania and Mozambique.  After her studies at Goethe University Frankfurt  and University of Sevilla (Spain ), she worked as a freelance consultant for development policy education at Misereor in Munich and as a research assistant at the Department of Development and Gender Studies at Goethe University. As a research associate in the AFRASO-project "New approaches to negotiating Development: South-Korean-African Interactions", she is working in the field of culture and development with special focus on new interactions and negotiations in South-Korean development discourses, South-Korean development cooperation with Africa (Ethiopia and Kenya), development theory and development politics.

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Department of Poltical Science/Faculty of Social Science

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Juridicum, Romm 861 (Fach 21)

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Senckenberganalge 31

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+49 (0) 69 798 25 404

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Eckl, Frauke Katharina / Krämer, Diana ; 2015 ; From “Asian Values“ to “Asian Experiences“? What is special about South Korean Development Cooperation in Africa? ; S3-C: New Approaches to Negotiating Development: South Korean-African Interactions ; 2nd International AFRASO-Conference “African-Asian Encounters (II): Re-Thinking African-Asian Relationships: Changing Realities – New Concepts" ; Cape Town, South Africa