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I'm a postdoc at the econ department and project manager of the Goethe-Unibator at Goethe University of Frankfurt. I apply insights from behavioral economics and use experimental lab and field methods to study entrepreneurship and organization related topics such as overconfidence, entrepreneurial skills, stigma of failure, leadership, and venture boards. I did my Ph.D at the department of management and microeconomics (2008-2013). I hold a diploma degree in economics and Japanese studies from University of Tuebingen.

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Faculty of Economics and Business Administration

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Grüneburgplatz 1

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Frankfurt am Main



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Institutional Diversity and Innovation. Continuing and Emerging Patterns in Japan and China (with C. Storz, with a guest contribution of M. Conlé and a preface of R. Whitley), Routledge Studies in Global Competition, Routledge 2011.

Papers under revision and working papers

  • Apparent Overconfidence in the Field (with Stefan Pichler and Tim Uhle), Econometrica
  • Personality Characteristics, Risk preferences and Consistent Investment Choices (with Heiner Schumacher), Journal of Economic Psychology
  • Stigma of Failure: Experimental Evidence from Germany and Japan

Research projects and work in progress

  • Overconfidence and Business Performance: Evidence from Ugandian Small Business Owners
  • Venture Boards: Evidence from High-Tech Ventures in the US